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About Us

     In the outskirts of St. Louis, MO, where cycling isn’t all that popular and it’s far being a “cycling destination,” a small community of riders exist. They push themselves on packed city streets, congested suburbs, and through the hilly terrain. 100 degrees fahrenheit and 100% humidy in the summer, below freezing and snow in the winter, and everything in between, cyclists need a wide range of equipment and they need it to work. Well. No, great. They need great apparel.
     It’s here in St. Louis where we discovered that high quality cycling apparel is just too expensive for your general cycling population. Too many are stuck wearing low quality apparel that was the best in they could afford. We can’t be the only ones in the world in that exact same situation. We are not alone.
     Echelon Cycling Company is here to bridge that gap. Give back to those busting their butt in the cheapest gear they can afford. It’s time for you to get the gear you deserve.